The Ugandan Community in Finland (UCF) ry was registered in 2012 as a non profit community organization for Ugandans and friends of Uganda in Finland. Membership is open to everyone regardless of place of residence.

The association raises awareness and encourages Ugandans in Finland to network through social media, UCF website and via email among other means. The main objective is to share and experience cultural exchanges and other ways of integrating and assimilating in Finland.

Ugandans in Finland have achieved a good level of assimilation and adopted some Finnish culture. Also many have attained the good Finnish education. Therefore, through UCF, Ugandans in Finland get together to generate a platform for contributing to the development and growth of both Finland and Uganda.

"UCF ry’s main mission is to bring Ugandans living in Finland together and promote their image and cultural values."

The major goals for UCF are to promote the image of Ugandans and the values of their culture in Finland, share awareness on issues related to equality and rights of living in Finland, continuously share information on social and economic opportunities in Finland and Uganda, and the benefits in associating with other organisations in Finland and Uganda.

Our values and goals

UCF encourages members to learn Finnish language (and also possibly Swedish language as well) in order to better interact with Finnish people and learn more about Finnish culture and traditions while maintaining Ugandan cultures and traditions.


Because Uganda is one of the the most ethnically diverse countries in the world and home to more than 40 different indigenous ethnic groups, all of which have their own languages, cultures and customs, not to mention other ugandans of asian and other origins. It is important to have a forum that shares and brings diversity together. As Ugandans we are used to cross cultural interactions.

UCF organizes social events like the annual Ugandan independence celebrations in Helsinki, family weekends, where ugandans, their families and friends can get together.

We also have our own mascot-Kapere that is very popular especially by small children. Kapere takes active parts in our events wherever there are children. For example during storytelling and arts events.

UCF is now setting up its own football team that practices and plays regularly with and against other community teams.

Please join the diverse team if UCF membership.